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Useful Links

Accelerated Reader

Students in years 7 and 8 take part in the Accelerated Reader (AR) scheme.   The AR scheme supports students to select a reading book which is perfect for their reading ability.

A baseline test (STAR reading test) is taken at the beginning of each term.  This gives students their ZPD (reading range).  Students are encouraged to use their reading range to select a book which is ideal for their reading ability. 

All books in the LRC are labelled with a reading level.  If students are reading their own books, or selecting books to read via the Click & Deliver service or eBook platform, they can check the reading level of a book to see if it is within their reading range by using the AR Bookfinder website:

Students are encouraged to take a book quiz once they have finished reading a book.  Points and prizes are awarded for reading.  Students are given a reading points target based on their ZPD to achieve each term.   Students can record their ZPD and their reading target in their student planner.

To access the Accelerated Reader site to take a STAR reading test or to take a book quiz follow the link below:

Login details:

Username           -  First three letters first name followed by first four letters surname (e.g., carcarm)

Password            -   atlas

When taking a STAR reading test students will be asked to enter an authorisation code.  This code is admin.


eBook Platform

The LRC subscribes to an eBook platform to enable students to borrow and read digital copies of their favourite book titles.

The best way to access the eBook platform is by installing the ePlatform app on a mobile device (mobile phone, Kindle Fire or tablet).

The ePlatform can also be accessed from a computer at the link below:

Login Details:

Username:          IT username (first 3 letters first name followed by first 4 letters surname)

Password:           Books1