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Broadwater School

ks4 revision resources

Modern Foreign Languages:

MFL Past Papers: GCSE French and GCSE Spanish

MFL Revision Action Plan 


http://www.ngfl- uk/vtc-home/ vtc-ks4-home. htm  - lots of role plays, games, activities with sound covering all GCSE topics. Ask your teacher for login details. - good for grammar practice but also has lots of games. Go to français – grammar - listening and reading activities with games. - vocabulary games and role plays. Ask your teacher for login details. - lots of activities and links to other sites - very good for module 2 and 4 practice, especially ‘French Steps’ - video clips with reading comprehension questions - French electricity company site with interactive activities. Try ‘le défi’ where you have to identify problems around the home - for learning parts of the body (very silly) - lots of practice in the basics - French TV adverts - language games, eg photographer in restaurant - virtual hotel where you control the people! - watch the news and find out the latest from France - food and drink website - learn about the country of France - kids’ TV channel in France – has short video clips and cartoons - Simpsons in French, with audio and video clips (hear Homer saying ‘D’oh’  in French!) - lots more French songs!  - pronunciation of difficult words made easy French songs with listening practice songs, videos, films – an internet magazine music videos and film clips online activities hear the correct pronunciation of words to help you enhance your own pronunciation.