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Broadwater School

key stage 4

Key Stage 4:

All students are offered the AQA suite of science exam courses which are based on the National Curriculum.

GCSE sciences are delivered from year 9 through to the end of year 11. The majority of students complete a double GCSE course called Combined Science; we are following the ‘Trilogy’ specification. Further details about this course can be found here:

Trilogy is a comprehensive science course which develops students’ ability to think scientifically, to carry out scientific experiments and to critically analyse and evaluate information. This course fully prepares students to continue their studies in science to A-Level and beyond if they wish.

Triple Science 

Students who show a special interest in science and particularly those who plan to continue to study science after they have finished at Broadwater School are given the opportunity to sit three separate science GCSE’s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  They have 9 lessons over the fortnight timetable as with the trilogy science but there is additional content assessed through a longer exam.