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Broadwater School

key stage 3

Students entering Broadwater School in Year 7 study French and Spanish and continue with these two languages in Year 8. At the end of Year 8, foreign language study becomes optional but we strongly encourage our students wherever possible to continue with French and/or Spanish into Years 9, 10 and 11 to gain a GCSE in their chosen language(s).

We design and consistently update our Schemes of Work in accordance with the MFL Programme of Study that can be accessed via the DfE website.

Our Key Stage 3 Schemes of Work aim at:

  • developing students’ independence and creativity
  • encouraging them to become confident speakers
  • developing their cultural awareness
  • ensuring progress through fun and engaging lessons
  • catering activities to meet all students’ needs

Many students will participate in enriching study visits including foreign exchanges to France and Spain to assist them with their studies. 


Homework is crucial in a language learning process and we expect students to learn their vocabulary regularly at home. Students can also have worksheets to complete and paragraphs to write in order to reinforce their understanding of grammar, to consolidate their knowledge of vocabulary and to practise the spelling of the words. They should not need any other resources other than their book and occasionally a dictionary to complete the homework we set and this should not take longer than 30 minutes as advised in the Broadwater school homework policy. Use of translating devices is strongly discouraged.