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Broadwater School

Student Council

The Student Council is a democratically elected body of students.  The aim of which is to express the opinions and views of the student body in a forum that will allow the school to move forwards and make improvements for the students learning and well being.

The student council is co-ordinated by Mr Wait with Mrs Hanson attending.

The School Council has a meeting approximately once a half term.  The main meeting allows students to express their concerns and comments.  We then break into several sub committees.  These are;

  • Press Office – newsletter and website
  • Environmental committee
  • Student Welfare committee
  • Disability committee
  • Charity committee
  • Sports committee

Each Tutor Group elects a representative who attends the meetings to pass to the Council all matters that Tutor Groups have discussed.  The meetings are chaired by senior students.  All matters that the Council raise are then shared with the Headteacher and the staff by the Student Council Co-ordinator.

Tutor groups are given a chance to discuss their views in tutor time and to give their representative feedback to take to the Student Council meetings.