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Broadwater School


Welcome to Phoenix House!

Phoenix prides itself on being different from the other houses due to its strong collective mentality, its positive thinking, and its determination to go that extra mile! Phoenix students are not willing to settle for second best, no matter what they are pursuing, and have an inner fire that pushes them to continue learning and be the very best version of themselves that they can be.

Our house very much has a community feel where every student collectively plays their part to support each other, nurture one another and raise standards across our house and the school as a whole. We work together to follow the example of our fantastic house captain and deputies to ensure we get involved in as many activities and areas of school life as we can, as we know these opportunities will make a huge difference to the futures we are striving for.  We have had a variety of successes in recent years including winning the prestigious House Cup and becoming inter-house maths champions!

We have an incredibly exciting year ahead of us, with so much to get involved in and I am proud to lead all Phoenix students on their journey through Broadwater and to remind them that anything in life is possible when you have the strength, hope and determination of a rising phoenix.

Miss Hailey