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Broadwater School



My name is Mrs Looseley and I am extremely proud to be the Head of Pegasus House. 

We are a community of students and staff who embrace the school motto

‘By Increments Conquer’

of course, the all important

Caring, Creative, Collaborative and Critical. 

So often I have the privilege of seeing and hearing the about the achievements of Pegasus students not only in school but in the wider community and I believe that this is made possible by the motivation, determination and energy that propels us all to do our very best.

Other exciting developments include us, Pegasus House, being selected to be the first Broadwater house to embark on a Leadership Project.  I, together with a committee of year 10 Pegasus students, will be encouraging all of the students and staff in our house to support us in a partnership with a local community venture.  I am confident that Pegasus house will make a difference to many lives over the coming months and am looking forward to sharing photos and news of all of the activities and events.

Mrs S Looseley
Head of Pegasus House