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Broadwater School

Parent App – My Child at School (MCAS)

This is our new parent communication and payment portal, launching June 2023.  It is available via a web browser and in the form of an App on both Android and Apple devices.  We use this system to provide you with essential information and regular updates about your child(ren) and their life at Broadwater School.

Please find below a link to the login page, this will take you directly to our school site, pre-filling the School ID of 14062.

Invitation Email

Look out for your Invitation E-Mail that the school will be sending out between Wednesday 7th June and Friday 9th June:

  • The Subject Will Be: Broadwater School - MCAS - Redeem Invitation Code
  • This Email Includes:  The School ID (14062), your MCAS Username, and an Invitation Code.

Please check your spam if you can't find the invite e-mail. 

Signing Up to MCAS Using the Mobile App

You can download the MCAS app via the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store. 

Search for MyChildAtScool – Parent App (which will be listed from the publisher Bromcom Computers PLC).

Please see the instructions below or there is a video guide here:

  • After signing up please look out for an e-mail with the subject “MCAS - Email Verification”.  By clicking the link inside this message it will verify your e-mail and allow you to retrieve forgotten usernames and passwords in the future.

Signing up to MCAS from a Web Browser

Please visit and follow the below instructions. 

Accessing MCAS After You Have Completed the Sign Up Process

From the Mobile App

After opening the app you will be prompted to sign in with biometric authentication or by using the pin that was setup during the registration process.

From a Browser

Use the link below which will pre-populate the school ID of 14062.

Enter the username that you received in the invitation e-mail, followed by the password that you set during the registration process.

Dinner Money Top Up 

From the Mobile App

Here is a video guide on how to add to your dinner money account:

From a Browser

From the dashboard scroll down until you find the dinner tab, enter the amount you want to pay for school dinners then click Add to Basket.  When you are ready click checkout and fill in the payment page information.  When complete click on the Confirm & Pay button.

The dinner money widget will now display the updated balance.

MCAS Parent Guides 

Please find below the link to the full Bromcom guide to MCAS:

Please find below the link to the Bromcom MCAS Support Web Page:

Frequently Asked Questions 

Login Related Help

What is the school ID?

The School ID for Broadwater School is 14062

The school ID is the unique code Bromcom use to identify the school. If you have children at other schools' with MCAS, the school ID and username will be different.

What are my login credentials?

Parents require a School ID, username and set their own password for this service.

The Broadwater School ID is 14062

You will have received your username in the invitation e-mail from the school.

Please check previous emails from the school for these details.  If you cannot find them please email with the subject heading – ‘MCAS Username and Invitation Code’ and we will send you your details.


What is the Web Address for MCAS?

This link will take you to the MCAS Page:

If you wish to use a link that already pre-enters the Broadwater School ID please use the below link.  Both links take you to the MCAS, it is just that this one saves you entering the School ID.


I tried to login but it says my Username and Password are wrong.

This might be triggered when you try to use an email address to login rather than your username.

Your Username is your surname followed by a number, such as Example8982

If you have forgotten your username or your password, please follow the instructions under the questions below. If you have not validated your email address, you will not be able to recover your username and/or password.

Please e-mail if you did not validate your email address and cannot access your account details.


I've forgotten my password

Visit this site to recover your details or reset your password


I've forgotten my username

Visit this site to recover your details or reset your password

You will be unable to recover your details or reset your password if you did not validate your email address when you set up your account.

Please e-mail if you did not validate your email address and cannot access your account details.

Why does the page shake when signing up?

Your password might not match the requirements.  Please make sure that the password you are entering is at least 8 characters long and includes, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.


How do I change details on MCAS?

Using the Data Collection Form on MCAS you can edit, delete and add selected details of our children's and your personal details.

Addresses, Email Address, Mobile Numbers etc.

Some details such as Legal Name cannot be changed on MCAS. Please email your year team in the first instance, and if we need further details such as supporting documents, we will let you know.

Any amendments will first be approved by Broadwater School administration staff before any records are permanently updated. Amendments that are not approved will revert back to their original state. There may be a delay in approval, and we may contact you if we need clarification on details.


Give Parental Consent on MCAS

Using the Parental Consent form you can review and grant consents for your child, data, services and images.  If you wish to revoke consent, you must email us.

How can I see Behaviour

Positive and Negative behaviour events recorded for your child appear instantly on the behaviour module in MCAS.

Click on the day, to list the events recorded each day.

How can I see the Clubs & Trips?

The clubs and trips option is accessible from both the menu bar and a widget.  The Widget only displays the current Clubs & Trips that the Student is part of, while the Clubs & Trips page from the Menu Bar shows the same, as well as any Clubs & Trips that are available to be booked.

How do I use the shop?

The school shop option is accessible from the menu bar.  It will display the items the school currently has available for you to purchase.


What if I have more than one child attending Broadwater School?

If you have more than one child at the school, you are able to click on the name of the student next to their photograph and it will give you the option to select other students associated with the user. Click on the photograph or the text to change the views allowing information to be viewed with just one login.


Can I see my child at another school?

With your log on details for Broadwater School you can only see your children at this school.  If you have other children at other schools that use Bromcom, the other school will send you a different school ID and username for that school.

You can switch quickly between schools using the MCAS app.

If you are using MCAS in browser, you will need to log out, and log in with the different credentials.


Is there a text message service?

Yes.  Our Text Message Services will display from the below:

"Broadwater School"

" 44 7860 054554"

"07860 054554"

We advise you to save this number in your contacts. Please note this number does not support calls.