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Broadwater School

P4C Approach

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

"Pupils' personal development is exceptional. Topics covered help pupils to keep themselves safe. The school's commitment to everyone being creative, caring, collaborative and critical has transformed how pupils view themselves and their learning."

"Pupils are very accepting of differences and so are confident to express
their views."

"Pupil leadership is extremely strong, whether on the sports field or in the classroom."

Quotes from Ofsted Report October 2019

"Leaders have adopted a ‘philosophy for children’ (P4C) approach to the school, which characterises every aspect of their work. This gives the school a distinctive feel, building on the four key components of being collaborative, creative, caring and critical. This approach has successfully nurtured a culture of respect, inclusion and self-belief in pupils."  

"The core expectations of being collaborative, creative, caring and critical are evident in lessons and make a significant contribution to good learning."

"Pupils’ literacy is well developed through the school’s policy and the use of a reading scheme. The ‘four Cs’ approach places a strong emphasis on debate and discussions and pupils have good oracy skills as a result."

Quotes from Ofsted Report January 2016

Broadwater is a Lead school for Philosophy for Children which underpins learning throughout the school.

P4C is an approach to teaching and learning that highly challenges both students (and teachers) to think and question more deeply.  At Broadwater we have embraced the 4Cs (Collaborative, Critical, Creative and Caring thinking) and place them at the heart of everything we do.  

Research has clearly established that P4C improves behaviour, motivation, and learning, as well as achievement for pupils of all ages and abilities.  It places emphasis on building social and emotional skills and dispositions over time, as well as cognitive abilities. Notable increases in respect, open mindedness, reasoning and reasonableness - in and out of the classroom – are common effects of P4C.

Broadwater was the second secondary school nationally to achieve a Silver Award from Sapere for our commitment and achievement in P4C. 

On September 21st 2016 we gained our Gold Award! 

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