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Broadwater School


Broadwater School actively works to develop a love of reading for pleasure in our students.  Dedicated reading time is built into morning and afternoon tutor sessions to offer students the opportunity during the school day to spend time reading a book for pleasure.  Students in years 7 – 10 take part in the morning tutor reading programme.  Students are asked to have a reading book with them at all times so that they can take part in DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read) during their afternoon tutor session. 

The Learning Resource Centre supports the promotion of reading for pleasure and the school’s aim to create avid readers by providing a vibrant and welcoming environment for students, and by ensuring that a wide range of high-quality books are promoted to students and readily available to borrow.

Opening Times

The library is currently open at break, lunch time and after school until 4pm on a rota basis to year group bubbles due to COVID restrictions. 

Monday - Year 11 students

Tuesday - Year 10 students

Wednesday - Year 9 students

Thursday - Year 8 students

Friday - Year 7 students

Contact details:

Ms Mel Turcan, Learning Resource Centre Manager

Homework Club

Homework Club runs Monday – Friday both at lunchtime and after school, 3pm – 4pm.   A member of the teaching support team is available during homework club to assist students with their homework.  

Homework club currently runs on a rota basis by year group bubble to ensure that students are able to work in a Covid safe environment.  Please refer to ‘opening times’ for details of year group homework club days.

Borrowing / Renewing / Returning Library Books


Students can borrow two print books and one eBook for a loan period of 2 weeks.

Students can borrow a library book by:

  1. Visiting the LRC on their bubble group day.
  2. Using the Click & Deliver service to order a library book to be delivered to their tutor room (see useful links for further information). 
  3. Emailing the library team to request a book for delivery to their tutor room:
  4. Installing the ePlatform app on a mobile device or by signing in to the ePlatform via a computer to borrow an eBook (see useful links for further information).


Library books can be renewed providing the book has not been requested by another student. 

Students can request book renewals by:

  • Visiting the LRC on their bubble group day.
  • Emailing the library team at
  • eBook loans can be renewed by students on the ePlatform website.


Book returns boxes are located at each year group bubble entrance.

Students are also able to visit the LRC on their designated bubble group day to return their library loans.

Click & Deliver Service

To ensure the Library remains a Covid safe environment students are currently unable to browse book shelves.

A Click & Deliver service has been set up to enable students to browse the library catalogue (Reading Cloud) and make reservation requests for library books.  Requested library books are delivered to students in their tutor rooms.

Reading Cloud (the library catalogue) is accessible to all students at the link shown below.

Login Details:

Username:         IT username (first 3 letters first name followed by first 4 letters surname)

Password:           books



We welcome donations of books from our school community to add to the school library.  Book donations help us to increase the breadth and diversity of books available to students, whilst also supplying us with spare copies of books which can be used to replace those that have become worn through use. 


Ms Mel Turcan, Learning Resource Centre Manager

Useful Links 

eBook Platform

The LRC subscribes to an eBook platform to enable students to borrow and read digital copies of their favourite book titles.

The best way to access the eBook platform is by installing the ePlatform app on a mobile device (mobile phone, Kindle Fire or tablet).

The ePlatform can also be accessed from a computer at the link below:

Login Details:

Username:          IT username (first 3 letters first name followed by first 4 letters surname)

Password:           Books1