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Broadwater School

House System

House System at Broadwater School

At Broadwater School, students belong to one of four ‘Houses’. Each House is led by a Head of Year with six tutor groups in each House.  The tutor groups are a mix of gender and year groups.  This grouping has a positive impact on the students and ensures excellent pastoral care for all of our students.  The upper school students do not see the younger students as some ‘alien beings’, rather they see them as individuals with whom they are working. 

Our Heads of Year are Mrs Emma Green (Aquila), Mr Jonathan Tudor (Noctua), Mrs Susan Looseley (Pegasus) and Mr Russell Wait (Phoenix).

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Tutor groups meet together each morning and afternoon for registration. Currently on a Monday, tutees remain with their tutor for Period 1 to follow our reading programme.  On other mornings they attend an assembly. Where possible, students are given the option of being with at least one of their friends.

  • In the House system, your child is a member of a group of students who have come together with one common aim and who are supportive of each other.
  • Students have the opportunity to represent their house throughout their time at Broadwater.
  • Students are able to join sports teams, be in plays, read poetry and every merit they gain will help towards their House total.
  • Each house has two tutor groups in each year.
  • Lessons are not affected and students will still be with their own year group and friends.