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Broadwater School



Teacher: Mr Russell Wait (Lead Teacher)  Email  and Miss Alice Livingstone

Department: HUMANITIES

Humanities Subject Leader: Mr Russell Wait


Ms R Till COIN Centre Humanities

Ms M Turner PB Humanities

Homework tasks can be viewed on the showmyhomework website

Introduction and background:

History is all around us!  We should be proud of our History and in particular the local History that we have around us.

History at Broadwater is an exciting and challenging subject that gets students to think critically about their past.  In History we challenge student thinking by always asking – ‘what if….?’  This gets students to think about how History has impacted on and changed our lives.  What would have happened if Hitler was successful in his bid for European domination?  What may Britain be like if the Charles I was not executed?  Do you think Britain would be a different place if the Peasants Revolt in the 1300s had a bigger impact?

Students are encouraged to think and present their ideas creatively.  We like to encourage re-enactment, drama, news reports as well as developing written skills in traditional essay skills.

History is a popular subject within the School community with many students pursuing it in GCSE years.

To find out a bit more about we study please follow the links to the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pages where you can see the topics and how students will be assessed.

GCSE Exam Specification:

At GCSE level we follow the Edexcel GCSE History (9-1).

The main topics covered are;

  • Henry VIII and his ministers 1509 – 1540
  • The Cold War 1941 – 1991
  • Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 – 1939
  • Medicine in Britain c1250 to the present day

Revision and extra learning:

The best support that parents can offer students in the teaching of the history is to take them to places!  We have local history on our doorstep (much of which is free), for example, Guildford Castle, Godalming Museum etc.  If you wish to explore further places such as Hampton Court Palace, the Naval dockyards at Portsmouth and many National Trust properties provide a useful insight to different periods in time.

At Key Stage 4, many students wish to purchase revision guides to help their studies.  Edexcel exam board have published specific revision guides which include practice questions (more questions are accessible from the exam board website).  Below you will find links and ISBN numbers to the most appropriate revision guides. 

Revision Guides


Revise Edexcel 9-1 Superpower relations and the Cold War 1941 – 1991 Revision Guide and workbook


Revise Edexcel 9-1 Henry VIII and his ministers 1509 – 1540 

Revision Guide and workbook


Revise Edexcel 9-1 Medicine in Britain c1250 to present day

Revision Guide and workbook


Revise Edexcel 9-1 Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 – 1939

Revision Guide and workbook


These can be purchased directly from


Please see curriculum map below for all years.