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Broadwater School


In order to be properly equipped for all their lessons, students will need:
• Planner
• Blue/black pen
• Green pen
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Rubber
• Calculator
• Water bottle
• Reading book
• ‘Ready to Learn’ card

‘Ready to Learn’ card
Students are expected to come to all lessons prepared and ready to learn. Broadwater School has a procedure called ‘ready to learn’ in order for students to have a sharp start to their lessons. Students are issued a ready to learn card on a weekly basis. If a student does not have the appropriate equipment, their uniform does not follow the school rules, or they are late to their lessons, they will receive a strike on their card. Once a student gets 3 strikes, they will be given a 1 hour main school detention. They must also produce their ready to learn card if a member of staff asks them for it. If they are unable to produce their card, they will be given a 1 hour main school detention. It is extremely important that all students who attend Broadwater School are always ready to learn for their lessons.
Please ensure that your child has a pencil case in which to carry belongings securely. It is required by exam boards to have a clear pencil case.