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Broadwater School

Daily Reading Programme

Important- Daily Reading Programme

All pupils should now be following the daily reading programme which has been issued by Mr Hull via Show my Homework.

Every morning a video will be released on the playlists Years 7-10, for students to continue reading a new text. Students across all the school will read the same book (watch the same video) for 15 minutes a day. The relevant playlists are below. Once students have watched the video each morning, they will follow the steps below to answer 10 questions about the text they’ve heard that day.

•*Videos will be released by 8.30am every morning.

• Year 7 playlist (The Day I was Erased- Book 3, Welcome to Nowhere- Book 2, The House with Chicken Legs- Book 1 )

• Year 8 playlist (The Graveyard Book- Book 4, Nowhere on earth- Book 3, My Sister- Book 2, The Fastest Boy in the World- Book 1, )

• Year 9 playlist (More than This- Book 1, The Middle of Nowhere- Book 2)

• Year 10 playlist (The Remains of the Day- Book 1, Orange Boy,- Book 2)

Steps for students:

1. Copy the relevant link above – for the correct year group.

2. Paste the link into the internet address bar.

3. Watch the video.

4. After watching, copy the link in the title of the video (or also listed in description below).

5. Paste into the internet address bar.

6. Answer 10 questions.

7. Repeat daily

Additional information:

  • Students should not be upset if the score given at the end is only 5/10, this is because there is no right answer for the 5 longer questions at the end.
  • For some year Groups, ‘Broadwater’ doesn’t appear on the list of schools they need to select- please type this in manually
  • Students are welcome to also follow the programme for another year group. For example a year 9 student may wish to also follow the year 10 playlist. We recommend parents checking the suitability of the material on a child by child basis,  as some books have sensitive content.