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Broadwater School

Cashless catering payments


In order that the service is delivered as efficiently as possible we need to ensure that the cashless system is operating effectively.  Students and staff will be required to use the Biometric system for all purchases of food and drinks from the canteen. 

Accounts can be credited with money via payment online using School Gateway - you need to be registered with School Gateway to use this facility. Please visit to top up your account.

If a student is entitled to a free meal, provided proof of entitlement has been seen, credit will be entered onto the system daily.  It will be for lunchtime use only and additional money can be added to the account if required.

Any amount of money can be paid into your child’s account and held within the system. Money spent on food will be taken out of the system. Remember it is always possible to check on balances by using the cash terminal in the Bistro.

There is a daily spend limit programmed into the system of £5.  It is important to remember that the student is responsible for their account and it will not be possible to purchase food from the canteen without it.  This also applies if there is insufficient money on the account.

For any other queries please contact the school.