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COVID Isolation Work


Dear Parents and Guardians,

In the event that a student has to isolate and are able to complete work while at home, please click the link below for lessons for each subject.  Students should follow their timetable for each day where possible.

They should click on the subject, then the year group and then the lesson.  So for example, if a Year 8 student has English on Monday period 1, they would go to the English folder, select KS3 year 8 and then start going through the work.  Students should spend 1 hour on each subject as they would in school.  They should also attempt the homework that is being set for their class groups in school and if they do not understand the topic, can look it up on BBC bitesize and make notes on the topic.  They can submit the notes and research along with the homework task if they are able to complete it.

The isolation work is prepared in a way that will reduce the need for students to contact teaching staff for help, as unlike during lockdown earlier this year, teachers are still teaching in school and unable to provide specific guidance on work being completed at home.   Any work completed during isolation can be shown to the teacher upon return to school.  Please do not contact the subject teachers unless it is vitally important.  

Thank you for your patience and support in delivering home learning through what must be a very unsettled time.

Please click HERE to access the work. Please also see the Home Learning Guide below for assistance with online learning platforms.