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Broadwater School

Broadwater Principles

Broadwater School Principles: Work Hard; Be Kind; Make a Difference


At Broadwater School we provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum. Our curriculum aims to develop:

  1. a powerful knowledge base that is deep and broad
  2. avid and discerning readers
  3. ambitious and resilient young people
  4. thoroughly decent human beings through our school principles.

We believe that a curriculum should be well sequenced and provide frequent opportunity to review previous knowledge. As a result, content in our curriculum is interleaved and will frequently go back to knowledge of previous topics through the low stakes quizzes. This has a significant impact on breaking the forgetting curve, ensuring students remember more of the powerful knowledge they have been taught.

We know that students learn best when their learning is structured around ‘big ideas’. The big ideas enable students to hang new learning onto a framework helping them to know more, remember more and be able to do more. As a result, each lesson is placed within the context of a ‘big idea’, helping our students to make connections to prior learning.

All teaching is evidence based, drawing on the most up to date findings of both cognitive science and field research. Instruction is clear and broken down into small steps, and strategies are used to ensure all students participate in frequent knowledge and understanding checks. Teachers use high quality models to ensure pupils are set up for a high success rate when learning independently and as a result, our students produce a high quantity of high-quality work.

Literacy is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible which is why it has the highest of priorities in our curriculum.  Every day starts and ends with reading and is woven through every curriculum subject, ensuring our students are reading throughout their day.


We understand that a supportive and nurturing environment is crucial for our students' overall well-being and success. We prioritise kindness in classrooms, the corridors, the playground and in our relationships.

Our school has a dedicated team of pastoral staff, including form tutors, year heads, behaviour and welfare officers, an emotional mentoring support worker as well as an EIKON youth worker.   They serve as a point of contact for students, providing guidance, support, and a listening ear. They develop strong relationships with students, promoting a sense of belonging and trust.

We prioritise the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of our students. We have well-being programs in place that include workshops, seminars, and activities focused on stress management, mindfulness, resilience, and self-care. These programs aim to equip students with strategies to cope with challenges and develop a positive mindset.

We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for all students. We have clear anti-bullying policies in place and promote a culture of acceptance and understanding. Our school fosters positive relationships between students, staff, and parents, ensuring a supportive community for all.

We are blessed with extensive grounds.  These areas are designed to promote a sense of calm and provide students with a space to unwind, recharge, and prioritise their well-being.  These spaces also provide a haven for all multitude of extracurricular activities on offer.

Through our comprehensive support systems, we aim to nurture resilient, confident, and happy individuals who are equipped to face challenges and thrive academically and personally.


Ofsted has rated our Personal Development programme as Outstanding, but we are not complacent - Every year we aim to improve our provision still further. We live by school motto ‘by increments conquer’ and every aspect of school life embraces this approach.

Our extra-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to pursue their passions, develop new skills, build friendships, and discover hidden talents. By engaging in our Challenge Hour and Challenge Week provisions, students enhance their personal development, broaden their horizons, and create lasting memories of their secondary school journey.

Our students enjoy a rich variety of sporting, cultural and social activities such as Duke of Edinburgh, CCF Army Cadets, musical theatre and drama clubs, leadership opportunities and festival experiences.

Our partnership with Charterhouse School allows us to enjoy opportunities both in and outside the classroom that would not be possible in any other state school setting.

We believe in broadening students' horizons through global experiences. We organise international study tours and trips, enabling students to explore different cultures, gain new perspectives, and develop a global mindset.

We also ensure that our students know how important helping others is and our Well-being Ambassadors, Anti Bullying Ambassadors, Charity Committee and Principle Champions are just some of the exceptional groups that dedicate their time to support others and make our community the most inclusive and ‘kind’ community it can be.