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Broadwater School

Broadwater Principles

Broadwater School Principles: Work Hard; Be Kind; Make a Difference

Visitors to the school often comment on how polite and hardworking our students are. We take great pride in the Broadwater Principles and understand the impact that getting the little things right, every day, can have to a student's outlook in the long term.  Our motto is "By Increments conquer" after all!

The Broadwater Principles develop a positive work ethic in and out of the classroom enabling students to be accountable for their own development and foster a passion to be the best version of themselves.

Work Hard

In every lesson students Work Hard academically, but Broadwater students also have an exceptional enrichment programme through Challenge Hour where they can Work Hard at improving an area for which they have a passion or simply learn something new.   Promoting this growth mindset encourages our students to believe in themselves and achieve amazing things in all areas of endeavour, be it academic, creative or on the sports field. 

Be Kind

Students are encouraged to Be Kind to others and pay forward kindness through simple acts such as saying, "good morning" to staff and being polite at all times.  These simple behaviours become habits that are soon displayed automatically by the students in school and at home.  Every interaction a student has is an opportunity to Be Kind and make another person feel happy.   This creates a wonderful environment in which all students can feel safe and flourish. 

Make a Difference

Our students need little encouragement to Make a Difference, and the Student Council is one example of students being a driving force for good in the school. Students are regularly asked:

"What are you doing to Make a Difference?" 

Students might choose to Make a Difference via a charity event or to Make a Difference to themselves and their families by doing the washing up at home.  The potential for students to Make a Difference for good is endless.  

The Broadwater Principles foster resilience and the desire for outstanding achievement in our students while also providing them with the necessary values to leave school and make a positive contribution to society.