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Broadwater School

British values

British Values:

Individual liberty of views, tolerance, mutual respect and listening to others’ views is taught through the topics where different individual and cultural views and/or ethics are involved. These topics range across all three disciplines of science from biological theories such as evolution versus creation through to the physics behind the benefits and detriments of renewable energy sources.

Rule of law relates to:
• students following laboratory rules for the safety of all
• understanding of the need to have speed limits (speed, force, change of momentum) 

Practical activities in science require students to engage in team work and show mutual respect for each other.

Democracy is taught through student debates on issues such as where to place limestone quarries and examining issues such as whether smoking and drinking should be made illegal. Resilience and self-esteem are not written into the science curriculum per se but are developed through students building independent learning skills, experiencing getting answers wrong and learning how to formulate the correct response, responding to target questions etc.