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Broadwater School

British values


Discretely delivered during group work – emphasis on 4Cs to facilitate democratic decision making, critical reflection, effective speaking and listening skills...  Student voice is sought at both KS3 and KS4.  Lead learners are chosen in KS3 lessons which promote democratic skills in individual students.

The Rule of Law

All students are aware of the shared expectations of the music department and that these boundaries are to be observed at all times

Individual Liberty

The freedom to show preference towards different styles and genres of music without prejudice however with the understanding that we acknowledge the rights for different opinions without being dismissive.  To facilitate this, a variety of music is listened to during class sessions and used as inspiration for different projects.  A specific example would be the year 8 project on African Music and polyphonic rhythms where we discuss the slave trade – this then is carried into the Reggae project (influence of other cultures) and Rock ‘n Roll/Blues (the origins of the Blues being the vocal music of the African slaves in the Deep South of America).  The accessibility to all students of KS4 music and extra-curricular music activities including orchestra, choir, school productions, instrumental lessons and use of the music department for group rehearsal of class projects etc.

Mutual Respect

This is a clear expectation of all students and staff in all aspects of music learning in the school – classroom, extra-curricular, workshops etc


Most recently this has been addressed during our school production of ‘Godspell’, Christmas carol concert (music is chosen from different faiths and beliefs, for example a carol from India etc.)