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Broadwater School

Alternative Curriculum

Alternative and External Curriculum

Broadwater is fortunate to have the backing of a number of local charities and organisations that support our students through external curriculum provision that is purposefully designed for our students as individuals.  At Broadwater we are aware that we need to educate the individual holistically and that sometimes this means that we need to maximise opportunities and create opportunities and experiences for individuals to succeed in.

Mr Wait co-ordinates alternative and external education programmes for our students.  Students are selected for these programmes on a needs basis.  Many of our packages whilst supporting students in a discreet interest or subject, are also about improving confidence, leadership, communication and self-esteem skills.  We want to equip our students with the skills that they will need to succeed in life, not just in their GCSEs.

We are proud to promote our external providers who provide support for our students.  However, many of the charitable organisations run events separate from the school such as holiday activities and evening workshops.