Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please see documents below for:

  • Help during Lockdown
  • Directory of support for families during the school closure
  • Broadwater Well-being Newsletters (see index spreadsheet for list of newsletters, dated 20th July)
  • Elsa Newsletters

Links below to helpful services:

Social Media guidance:

As our children spend more time online we would encourage you to continue to monitor the websites, applications and social media channels that they are using. The following links may be of use as a reference point for finding advice and guidance:

Inclusive Digital Safety website which offers a range of advice and guidance for parents and carers

Guidance around Family Sharing on Apple

Xbox Family settings app to help manage children’s gaming


Government Advice for Keeping Children Safe:

Barnardos Help Line:

Sexual Health & Wellbeing Services for Young People during COVID-19

CAMHS Parent webinars:Resouces to help understand and manage your child's well-being during Covid-19 Surrey’s sexual health services are open.

Young people under 25 can order a chlamydia/gonorrhoea home self-test kit by visiting the NHS Sexualhealth webpage or call by calling 01483 846421.

For other sexual health services, please call 020 3317 5252 Monday – Friday 9:00am–5:00pm to book a telephone appointment and speak to a Doctor or Nurse who will be able to advise you.

Alternately you can access the NHS Sexualhealth Surrey services website for more information. 

The NHS Nurse Service offer a  "Health Chat" available for 11-19 year olds (see below):

Nhs chat health text service

Surrey Well-Being Partnership:

The Surrey Well-being Partnership (a group of voluntary sector organisations working together to help improve the well-being of Surrey children, young people and families) is working together with the NHS to empower parents to meet the emotional needs of children, young people and families during the pandemic. We have teamed up with Dr Kathryn Hollins of Surrey & Borders Partnership Trust. Kathryn is our local expert - she is a Consultant Parent, Child and Family Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, specialising in parenthood, pregnancy and family relationships. 

Feedback from schools and charity colleagues has been that parents are actively seeking support so that they can more effectively support their children during COVID. In response, we have developed a Facebook page where we are offering parents an opportunity to focus on what really matters for their children right now. Each week Dr Kathryn Hollins will be sharing ideas and tips on how to meet the emotional and developmental needs of our children during this difficult time. Being supported as parents is key to children’s health and well-being. More than ever, it is crucial for parents to meet their own needs, so that they are able to meet the needs of their children. These postings for parents are our way of reaching out to the families of Surrey to say ‘you are not alone’, we can all support each other in getting through the pandemic together.

Please click HERE to access the new Facebook page. This page will be regularly updated with new tips and advice. Please do take the time to have a look. 

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