Mobile Phone Updated Policy

There is significant evidence to suggest the amount of ‘screen time’ young people are exposed to can be  extremely damaging.  We have noticed in school that students are finding it particularly difficult to keep off their mobile devices and we are now at a stage where we are having to contemplate a complete ban of mobiles in school.  This is not a decision that we would take lightly as we recognise that having  a mobile is reassurance for parents and we would like our students to learn to use them responsibly. Therefore to try to avoid this we will be tightening up the mobile phone procedure after the Easter holiday and would be grateful if you would reinforce these expectations at home.

  1. Mobile phones must be kept in bags  not in blazer pockets.
  2. Mobiles may not be used during the school day either within the building  or outside in the playgrounds.
  3. Mobile phones MAY be used in lessons as a learning tool when the teacher has given permission.
  4. If a mobile phone (and/or headphones) are seen – then they will be confiscated and given to Student Services where they can be collected at the end of the day.
  5. If there is a second offence we will call home and ask parents to come in and collect the mobile device. They will not be returned to the student.

Mrs Lizzi Matthews

Deputy Headteacher