Open Evening Advertising Board - Help Required

Dear Parents/Carers,

Last year 50 families helped raise awareness of our School's Open Evening by displaying a Broadwater School Open Evening advertising board on their property. The boards contributed to the great turnout at last year's Open Evening and their sponsorship from Belvoir estate agents raised £600 for our school!

This year's Open Evening takes place on Wednesday, 11th October.  To publicise the event and boost funds, we're working with Belvoir Estate Agents again, but we need your help.

We need 3 more families willing to display a Broadwater School Open Evening advertising board on their property (any GU1 to GU8 postcode). Whether you live on a main road, or in a cul-de-sac, we'd appreciate you taking part!

Belvoir will produce the boards, and organise for them to be erected, and removed – you won’t need to do a thing. The boards will be put up (during the week of 25th Sept) and taken down (asap after 11 October) by their team. Last year, all the boards were removed within 3 days of the event. An example of last year's board is included in the attachment.

Up to 75 families can sign up to help. If all 75 boards are erected, Belvoir will donate £825 to the Friends/PTA. The money raised will be used to buy items on the school's wish list.

Anyone (parents/staff, friends, relations & neighbours) with a GU1 to GU8 postcode can have a board, provided they sign a consent form.

If you can support the school in this way, please complete and sign the attached consent form and return it to School Reception/Student Services (marked 'Friends Open Evening Board), or scan in the signed form and email to

We'd appreciate receiving your signed forms as soon as possible, but no later than Monday 18th Sept.

A copy of the consent form is also available at School Reception.

Thank you to all those families, friends and neighbours who have already signed up to help :-)

Many thanks for your support,
The Friends of Broadwater School

Open Evening Board Consent Form 2017