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GCSEPod Revision Resources

Home study and revision is essential to the learning process and if done properly, can significantly impact student progress. We have an extensive online revision resource at GCSEPod.  

GCSEPod podcasts are designed for mobile devices so it’s like carrying a huge pile of textbooks and revision guides around with you everywhere. Have an expert read and explain everything for you clearly and precisely with all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams on screen. You won’t need to use it for long before you feel the impact. Consistent use in just 10 minute chunks is proven to support achievement right up to A*

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Subject leaders have also created an extensive list of revision resources for each subject that your child should use to consolidate their learning in preparation for their exams. Please see letter below.

Revision & Exam Information Evening November 2016 for Y9,10 & 11 

For presentations shown on this evening, please see documents below:

Revision Techniques

English Revision

Maths Revision

Science Revision

Subject Revision Timetable December 2016

Page Downloads Date  
Tassomai Science Revision Ltr Nov 2015.p... 30th Nov 2015 Download
GCSEPod Student Guide 13th Apr 2016 Download
Year 11 Revision Techniques assembly.pdf 29th Apr 2016 Download
Year 11 resources letter Oct2016.pdf 21st Oct 2016 Download
Year 11 Weekly Revision Planner.pdf 03rd Feb 2017 Download
English Revision Evening Nov 2016 16th Nov 2016 Download
Maths Revision Evening Nov 2016 16th Nov 2016 Download
Revision techniques Nov 2016 17th Nov 2016 Download
Student Elevation student resource.pdf 22nd Nov 2016 Download
Study Sensei Student Activity Pack UK.pd... 22nd Nov 2016 Download
Subject Revision plan 14th Mar 2017 Download
Year 11 Easter 2017 revision Plan.pdf 28th Mar 2017 Download