Valentino Schoolwear

Valentino Schoolwear are the official uniform suppliers for Broadwater School.  Valentino’s are a local company and have been supplying schoolwear since 1939. Mario, Marianna and the team are proud of their reputation for supplying quality schoolwear and accessories to local schools. They offer an efficient friendly service to assist with all your uniform requirements.

Contact Valentino Schoolwear:

Address: 23-29 Broadway, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey GU21 2DR
Telephone: 01483 475051/ 473357
Fax: 01483 473505 

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am - 5.30pm

How to order schoolwear

You cannot purchase uniform directly from school. Purchase of uniform can be done in three ways:

  • By visiting Valentino Schoolwear premises in Knaphill.

  • By completing an order form and sending to the school office or direct to the shop.

  • By ordering on-line from their website.

  • Please note that Valentinos does not accept cheques as a means of payment. Items can be purchased with cash or a credit/debit card.

  • Zips on skirts can break when girls roll the tops of the skirts to make them shorter! Please be aware of this.

Orders received by 3.30pm on Wednesdays will be delivered free of charge to the school every Friday during term time. Alternatively they can be delivered to your home for a £5 charge. Order forms can be collected from the school office or downloaded below.


Friends of Broadwater Second Hand Uniform Sales

Looking to purchase an item of 2nd hand uniform?: Contact School Reception with the type of item(s) and size(s) you’re looking for to see if we have those items in stock. We have lots of great quality trousers (mostly boys) & shirts/blouses, plus a selection of jumpers, blazers, skirts, PE kit & sports holdalls. All items are priced according to their condition (as-new, good, acceptable). Please see our current price list.

We also hold a 2nd Hand uniform sale once a year (usually in the Summer term).
2nd Hand Uniform Donations: If you have any unwanted uniform (blazers, trousers, skirts, shirts/blouses, jumpers, ties, PE kit & bags etc) we'd greatly appreciate it for our 2nd hand uniform store. We accept items in any condition: items that are unsuitable for sale, will be added to our next textile recycling collection. Please hand in your donations in bags marked '2nd Hand Uniform', at Reception.  Thank you!

Please note: In cases of hardship, senior members of school staff can provide a student with items (at no charge) from our 2nd hand uniform stock.

Boys' Uniform Requirements

Boys' Uniform

Broadwater School blazer

White shirt (long or short sleeve, with collar not a sports shirt)

Black long sleeved sweater with Broadwater logo (sweatshirts and hooded tops are unacceptable)

Black tailored trousers

Black tie with blue stripe + House colour

Black socks


Shoes – these should be plain, black leather or leather style shoes that can be shone.

Trainers, canvas shoes or boots are not allowed.


Girls' Uniform Requirements


Girls' Uniform

  • *Broadwater School blazer
  •  White shirt (long or short sleeve, with collar, not a sports shirt)
  • *Black long sleeved sweater with Broadwater  logo   (optional)
  • **Knee length Broadwater black skirt or
  •   Black tailored trousers
  • *Black tie with blue stripe +House colour
  •   Black shoes (not trainers or boots)
  •   Natural coloured/black tights or black socks. Girls’ tights should be a plain (not patterned) black or natural colour.

Items marked * must be purchased from Valentino Schoolwear.

** This style of skirt is compulsory and can only be purchased from Valentino Schoolwear.


PE Kit Requirements




  • Compulsory

    * Navy & sky blue polo shirt

    * Navy & sky blue socks

    * Navy & sky blue shorts

    Football boots


    Shin Pads

    Gum shield


    *Sports outdoor games shirt (long sleeved)

    Plain navy track pant (not compulsory)

  • Leggings (not compulsory)

  • Compulsory

    *Navy & sky blue shorts or Skort

    *Navy & sky blue polo shirt

    *Navy & sky blue socks

    White short socks


    Shin Pads

    Gum Shield


    *Sports outdoor games shirt (long sleeved)

    Plain navy track pant (not compulsory)

  • Leggings (not compulsory)

Items marked * are compulsory and must be purchased from Valentino Schoolwear


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