Internet Safety

Please see our helpful guides and websites below:

For students: 

We can help and protect you. If someone has acted inappropriately online towards you or someone you know, you can report it directly to CEOP. It could be sexual chat, being asked to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or someone asking to meet up.

For Carers/ Parents: 

The internet can be a fantastic place for children and young people where they can talk to friends, be creative and have fun. However, just like in the real world sometimes things can go wrong. If you or your child are worried or upset about something which has happened on the internet there is help out there.

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Click CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) for advice or to report a problem.



Social media/ selfies and sexting advice

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Safe Texting

Having problems knowing what your children are talking about when they text? 

Here are some helpful texting abbreviations commonly used in ‘sexting’: Click here


Young peoples’ rights on social media:

Please see summary covering the most used apps - Instagram / Snapchat / Facebook etc. Click here


Smartphone Safety: How to protect your child

Please see information and advice here:


Net Aware

A site where parents review and rate social media apps and sites based on the features and how appropriate they are. 


Digital Safety: Staying Safe Online

A blog post that gives an overview of dangers on the Internet and how to deal with them, such as child online safety, social media safety, etc.


Better Internet for Kids

A site promoting safe digital habits for children throughout Europe. Has blog posts for trending internet topics and a hotline where families can receive support, and report anything suspicious online.


E-Safety Support

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Broadwater School Procedure for Sexting... 07th Jul 2017 Download
Digital Safety Parents Letter July 2017... 07th Jul 2017 Download