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Next Meeting: Monday 27th November 6.30pm

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Latest Minutes: October 2017 Minutes and Draft 2017 AGM Minutes

Please join us for our next committee meeting.  Gill Watson has put her name forward for Co-Chair. If you're interested in putting your name forward as a Co-Chair too (to work alongside Gill) or if you'd like to shadow a Co-Chair this year with a view to putting your name forward as a Co-Chair next year, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you. We’re a friendly group and there’s lots of volunteers in place coordinating various tasks (Quiz, 2nd Hand Uniform, Raffles, Textiles and more!).

Co-op Local Community Fund - Please support us!

We have been been selected to receive funding from the Co-op Local Community Fund from now through 27 October 2018!  We're raising funds to purchase and install good quality, outdoor table tennis tables for student use during the day and community use outside of school hours (see our poster for more details). The more support we get, the more funding we could receive and the more great things we can help make happen at our school.

Please help us raise funds to provide this resource for our school & community:

Please ask friends & family to support us too!

Textile Recycling Fundraiser

Thanks to your support, last term's textile donations raised a whopping £143.50 for our school! We'll let you know the total for this term once it has been collected and weighed. 

The next Clothing / Textile drive will take place after February half-term. Dates will be announced shortly.

Waitrose Guildford, Green Token Scheme

Thank you to everyone who supported our school during October through Waitrose Guildford's Community Matters/Green Token scheme which raised £207 for our school. The money will be used to support Broadwater School's Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) programme., helping ensure that all Broadwater students can take part on the DofE regardless of their financial situation.

Open Evening Advertising Boards

Thank you to everyone who displayed one of our 75 Open Evening Advertising Boards. These helped raise awareness of Open Evening and encouraged more families than ever before to come along and see what our wonderful school has to offer .

These boards are a great display of support for and pride in our school and raised £825 in funding (which will be used to buy items on the School's wish list).
Thanks again to all our fantastic supporters who signed up to display a board and our sponsor Belvoir Estate Agents in Guildford for making this possible!

School Wish List 2016-17


Thanks to your ongoing support we’ve been able to purchase ALL the items on this year's School’s Wish List:

  • Football & 3 Netball Kits for School Teams (£700) – PE Dept.: Ensuring our students look smart when representing their school team;
  • Yoga Classes Y10/11 (£336) – PE Dept.: Providing an opportunity to experience a life-long fitness option and relieve revision/exam stress;
  • Hairy Phonics & Nessy Fingers Software (£300) – SEN Dept: To reinforce phonics and help students who struggle with handwriting;
  • 3D Pens (£300) – Art Dept: To provide students with an additional, exciting medium for use in coursework;
  • Eikon Summer Residential Contribution (£300) – Helping to subsidise 6 vulnerable Broadwater students to ensure they can attend an Eikon Summer Residential;
  • Tents for Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions (£240) – Ensuring the DofE Award experience is accessible to every student who wishes to participate;
  • ClickBind Binding Machine and Supplies (£200) –  Graphics Dept: To enable students to create their own sketchbooks;

School Wish List 2015-16

School Wish List  2015-16

Your support throughout has funded ALL the items on the School’s 2015-2016 Wish List

  • Visual PC/How a Computer Works Software (£400) – Computing Dept: Virtual reality simulations & visual demonstrations of computing concepts/components;
  • Read/Write Gold Software (£320) – SEN Dept: Greater student independence (e.g., can read a printed document independently via software & headphones);
  • GoPro Hero 4 + accessories (£295) – Whole School: For use on school trips/activities (ski trip, water-sports, PE, DofE etc);
  • A3 Printer/Scanner plus supplies (£250) – Art Dept: Enables students to enhance their artwork;
  • Proactinium Generator (£240) - Science Dept: Will be used to demonstrate the half-life of radioactive materials;
  • Bookcase (£250)   Library/English Dept: To encourage reading and promote literacy with an attractive display;
  • Sheet Metal Machine (£220) – Art & Design: Enables students to experience a wider range of metal processes;


School Wish List 2014-15

Items funded on the school's 2014-2015 wish list. Thanks everyone!


About Us

About Us

The Friends of Broadwater School ...would like to welcome you to the school and take this opportunity to give you a little bit of information about us. We operate under the PTA-UK (Nov 11) model constitution, which was adopted at the September 2014 AGM.

As the school’s Parent Teacher Association the Friends of Broadwater aim to :

  • build a strong school community by bringing together parents and carers of students at the school, teaching and non-teaching staff and 'friends' associated with the school
  • develop strong local community links with local business & services such as GOLO (Godalming Lottery) as well as local junior schools &our partner sixth form Godalming College
  • undertake fundraising activities to help provide additional resources to support the school and the students
  • provide a service to the school on behalf of the parent body to give an opportunity for everyone to work towards a common goal, find out how the school works and help improve the way we work together.

All staff, parents and friends of students at the school are automatically members of the Friends.