Challenge Week 2018

As part of Challenge Week 2018 we will running a selection of trips for Years 7-9 which will take place between the 25th and 29th of June. The trips are in addition to the activities that we will be doing in school and are voluntary. 

All students are expected to take part in the Maths Treasure Hunt and the Race for Life event - please see letters below. 

The trips are:

Activity Day at Alpine Centre in Aldershot:

Students will have both ski and snowboarding lessons and have the opportunity to have some fun ‘donuting’; which is essentially sliding down the slopes on huge rubber tyres. The lessons are aimed at those who have not skied or snowboarded before. The cost including travel is £25.00. The trip will now run on Monday and Wednesday.

London theatre trip to the Globe for a Shakespearean Experience:

On Tuesday 26th June students will be given the opportunity to visit London’s world famous Globe Theatre, for a Drama workshop and Shakespeare Theatre Experience. Pupils will be participating in a lively drama-focused workshop which will enable them to appreciate Shakespeare’s stagecraft. The cost including travel will be £26.00.

A visit to The Museum of Military Medicine and Brookwood Cemetery:

Also on Tuesday 26th students are invited to step back in time and experience the incredible challenges of military medicine through the ages and visit what was once the largest cemetery in the world, which contains important links to our military past. A must for all budding historians and those with an interest in medicine. The cost including travel is £7.75.

A computing visit to Thorpe Park:  

Students are invited to spend Thursday 28th June at Thorpe Park where they will have the opportunity to do a workshop in conjunction the launch of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train ride. They will use this attraction to investigate digital image manipulation for effect. They will also be investigating future technologies at the Park. Students will also get to enjoy the fantastic rides. The cost including travel will be £36.00.

Mini Duke of Edinburgh expedition:

Taking place from 28th-29th June. For those students with a sense of adventure and a love of the great outdoors we are putting on a ‘Mini Duke of Edinburgh’ experience. Students will be taught map skills and take part in a hike. Returning to the schools for a night’s camping in the school grounds complete with a ‘D of E’ cook out. The cost will be £20.00

We of course expect the highest standards of behaviour by all those who wish to go on the trip and any students who have a poor record of behaviour within school in the lead up to the trip will not be permitted to attend.

James Reed

Challenge Week Coordinator