Headteacher's Welcome

At Broadwater School we strive for excellence in every aspect of our work.  The idea contained in our school motto ‘By Increments Conquer’ sets out that students can achieve by breaking challenging tasks into more manageable chunks.  High expectations of our students, our staff and our relationships ensure that we are all able to achieve personal, social and academic success.

Broadwater image gallery 22The school has developed a climate for learning and a sense of community in a friendly, encouraging and positive environment.  Our school is committed to its staff and has a strong professional development programme. 

Our approach to learning built around the 4Cs, Critical, Caring, Creative and Collaborative thinking underpins our work and is the foundation of our learning. 

This is captured in our three point Vision Statement:

  • To deliver a holistic curriculum centred around Critical, Caring, Creative and Collaborative thinking (4Cs).
  • To support every child to make exceptional progress.
  • To create a highly motivated, ambitious and thoughtful community.

At Broadwater every student is important. We know all our students as individuals and work with them on their personalised learning journeys. With our encouragement and support students understand that anything is possible, from enrichment activities and extra-curricular opportunities to academic qualifications.

We strongly recommend you take the opportunity to tour our school and meet our incredible young people. Come and find out how Broadwater has transformed itself into a school that enables its students to achieve their goals.

Chris Lee