Student Council


The Student Council is a democratically elected body of students.  The aim of which is to express the opinions and views of the student body in a forum that will allow the school to move forwards and make improvements for the students learning and well being.

The student council is co-ordinated by Mr Wait with Mrs Hanson attending and Mrs Macholl who is one of the School Governors.

The School Council has a meeting approximately once a half term.  The main meeting allows students to express their concerns and comments.  We then break into several sub committees.  These are;

  • Press Office – newsletter and website
  • Environmental committee
  • Student Welfare committee
  • Disability committee
  • Charity committee
  • Sports committee

Each Tutor Group elects a representative who attends the meetings to pass to the Council all matters that Tutor Groups have discussed.  The meetings are chaired by senior students.  All matters that the Council raise are then shared with the Headteacher and the staff by the Student Council Co-ordinator.

Tutor groups are given a chance to discuss their views in tutor time and to give their representative feedback to take to the Student Council meetings.

Please see Student Council Minutes section below for the latest meeting minutes.

The School Council is chaired by the House Captains. 

Isabel fraser house captainpngIsabel Fraser - House Captain

Eloise rowling deputy house captainEloise Rowling - Deputy House Captain

Matthew grigg deputy house captainMatthew Grigg - Deputy House Captain


Phoenix Roll of Honour

Students who appear on the ‘Roll of Honour’ have made a special contribution to school life or have excelled in a particular area. 

Award winners receive a much coveted House Pen!

The current roll is….




Adam Anscombe

Outstanding Prefect

17th Sept 18

Leonie Philips

Outstanding Achievement

24th Sept 18

Jack Durbridge

Outstanding Achievement

1st Oct 18

Austen Scott

Outstanding Achievement

8th Oct 18

Alicia Worth

Being caring

8th Oct 18

Caitlin Palmer

Outstanding Achievement

15th Oct 18

Austen Scott

Contribution to the local community

12th Nov18

Isabel Fraser

Exceeding Aspirations

12th Nov 18

Jody Terry

Being caring

19th Nov 18

Louisa Cook

Great work

26th Nov 18

Sam Bicknell

Great collaboration

3rd Dec 18

Will Sutton

Outstanding work ethic

7th Jan 19

Leonie Philips

Outstanding work ethic

21st Jan 19

Finley Stevens

Great mentoring

4th Feb 19

Georgie Page

Outstanding work

4th Mar 19

Josh Lowmass

Sporting achievement

11th Mar 19

Orchid Castagnera


22nd Apr 19

Daniel Michael


29th Apr 19

Isabel Fraser


6th May 19