Teachers: Mrs Louise Simmons, Mrs Elizabeth Hanford, Mrs Claire Link, Mr Gonzalo Gomboa, Mr Will Grove and Mr Cedric Simmonds.

Subject Leader: Mr Nathan Smith-Rogers Email

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9-1 Assessment Grades

GCSE Exam Specification: 

  • Pixl Maths App for Year 11 Revision (see document below)


Key Stage 3

Overview of Year 7 and 8

Year 7 Maths Scheme of Work

Year 8 Maths Scheme of Work


Key Stage 4

Years 9,10 and 11 follow the Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Mathematics Syllabus

Higher Topic List

Foundation Topic List

Maths Scheme of Work Overview - Foundation

Maths Scheme of Work Overview - HIgher

Pixl Maths App

British Values

Individual Liberty:
All students are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential in Maths, encourage self-belief by ensuring students are creative whilst problem solving, exploring and applying the Maths learnt to a range of situations. Students are encouraged to connect ideas and provide explanations, ensuring they believe they are able to achieve.

Mutual Respect:
Numeracy encourages a caring ethos where students listen and communicate with peers, are thoughtful when knowing right from wrong and show empathy in supporting peers to develop mathematically.

Students are encouraged to work collaboratively, to share their views and agree ways forward. Student voice is key to the development of the department. Educational visits play a huge part in student’s learning as they take the skills learnt in the classroom to then be implemented or witnessed in real life experiences.

The rule of Law:
Students are encouraged to be critical by questioning and reasoning in all aspects of the maths curriculum, but are also expected to be open to being reasoned with and must respect the expectations of staff.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs:
Pupils have an opportunity to work with pupils from a range of different backgrounds and beliefs. They are able to socially interact with different pupils as they work in groups, pairs and through peer assessment. Pupils are encouraged to help and support their peers.   The element of Numeracy used here is in the shapes, lines and angles that create images; the symmetry of flags, the value of other countries currency or the shape of religious icons. As with mutual respect a caring ethos is expected.

KS4 Revision Resources


​Maths GCSE full revision guide

Textbooks/revision guides:

EDEXCEL Mathematics A Linear Workbook Higher 978-1-4469-0015-4 (£2.99 if ordered from school)

EDEXCEL Mathematics A Linear Revision Guide Higher 978-1-4469-0018-5 (£2.99 if ordered from school)

EDEXCEL Mathematics A Linear Workbook Foundation 978-1-4469-0014-7 (£2.99 if ordered from school)

EDEXCEL Mathematics A Linear Revision Guide Foundation 978-1-44-69-0017-8 (£2.99 if ordered from school)

Nothing beats practice papers

Websites Mymaths  -   login: broadwater  password: circle; all students have individual logins

Edexcel  past papers -

Justmaths -     login: BroadwaterStudent  password: Broadwater

BBC bitesize - 

Mr Corbett’s maths:

Study Maths:; all students have individual logins 

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