Religious Education

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Department: HUMANITIES

Humanities Subject Leader: Mr Russell Wait



Ms R Till COIN Centre Humanities

Ms M Turner PB Humanities


Religious Education is an exciting and dynamic subject that students fully embrace. There is a lot of active discussion about a range of contemporary issues that affect people around the world. 

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Key Stage 3

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Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, all students will study RE for one period each week. This not only satisfies the requirements of the Surrey Agreed Syllabus, but also offers students the chance to actively discuss very practical day to day issues that affect their own choices. The course will make a significant contribution to students’ spiritual and moral development and will enable them to develop their reasoning skills which are essential throughout their lives.


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Two year/Three Year KS 4 Programme

GCSE Exam Specification


Please note that we will be studying Islam and Christianity


British Values

British Values in Humanities

Throughout the 3 subject areas within Humanities department (History, Geography and RE), we strive to uphold the core of what are British Values. To understand what British values are we must first understand our place in the world and this is taught through British history since the Norman Conquest in 1066. We cover the creation of the Magna Carta and the reform of British voting systems from rotten boroughs to universal suffrage.

Britain’s role as a global power and the changes in attitudes towards slavery are also covered highlighting our growth as a nation which questions and challenges its values and strives to do the right thing in light of our past.

Modern questions concerning immigration, particularly focusing on the enlarged European Union are tackled in geography where we examine the impact of more recent rivals. Students are encouraged to look beyond headlines and examine the facts to see how our nation has been built by fairness, tolerance and acceptance of those coming here to build a better life and make positive contributions to British society.

As a multi faith society, Religious Education has a crucial role to play in upholding the key British values of freedom of expression. Students study the major religions to gain a greater understanding into different faiths and the roles that they play in a modern British Society that above all prides itself fairness, tolerance and acceptance.

Useful Resources

Useful Websites 

Request.Org.Uk - Religious Education Resources


These are good for research into most topics at both key stages.

For GCSE Help and ethics
GCSE.ORG.UK - good for all six world religions 
Different types of Christian Church

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